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CCS241 - Analog chlorine dioxide sensor for drinking and industrial water

Trace Chlorine dioxide CCS241

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  • Measuring principle

    Chlorine dioxide

  • Application

    Drinking water, water, process

  • Characteristic

    Amperometric measurement of dissolved chlordioxide

  • Measurement range

    0,01 - 5ppm Chlordioxide

  • Measuring principle

    - closed (membrane covered) measuring cell.
    - Reduction of chlordioxide (ClO2) to chlorid at the cathode with appr. 120mV.

  • Design

    Closed amperometric 2-electrode measuring cell with PTFE membrane.

  • Material

    Sensor shaft : PVC
    Membrane : PTFE
    Membrane cap : PBT (GF30); PVDF

  • Dimension

    Diameter : appr. 25mm
    Length : 160mm

  • Process temperature

    2°C ... 45°C

  • Process pressure

    0bar - 1bar

  • Temperature sensor

    With NTC-temperature sensor

  • Connection

    Fixed cable