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The success of a revolution

10 years of Memosens and Liquiline

The past decade has revolutionized operation and maintenance in liquid analysis. The market launch of Memosens technology in the spring of 2004, followed one year later by Liquiline transmitters, saw the beginning of a success story that has since become a de facto industry standard. Memosens and Liquiline offer cutting-edge technology for an endless number of applications in all industries.


  • No more incorrect measured values

  • True plug-and-play

  • Minimized process downtime and extended sensor lifetime

  • Optimized maintenance strategies

How the story started

The Memosens/Liquiline story began in 1999 with the idea of revolutionizing traditional connection and transmission technologies in liquid analysis. After five years of research and development, sensors with Memosens technology were introduced, followed one year later by Liquiline transmitters, which can now utilize all of the advantages of Memosens.

How the technology makes life easier

Memosens is synonymous with digitizing the measured values directly in the sensor head and storing all sensor-related data in the sensor. The cable connection is completely sealed and the bi-directional data transfer between sensor and transmitter is contactless and inductive. This guarantees extremely simple sensor operation and ensures that factors such as moisture or corrosion no longer cause the measured values to be distorted during day-to-day analysis of water, beverages, medicines, etc.

The Liquiline transmitters offer unparalleled ease of use. The large plain-text display and menu-guided operation take the user through the configuration step by step. This virtually eliminates operational errors. The Liquiline range now includes transmitters for all sectors, from the one-channel device for simple applications, to the two-wire transmitter for hygienic or hazardous areas, up to the multi-channel, multi-parameter transmitter.

How the standard established

Even outstanding technology cannot evolve into a standard if it is provided by just one company. Today the major market players Endress+Hauser, Knick, Hamilton and SI Analytics are working together to further establish the standard in the field of analytical instrumentation.

  • 10 years of Memosens and Liquiline ©Endress+Hauser
  • This video shows how Memosens enables precise process control and optimum maintenance.

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