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Time of Flight Level Fundamentals

Time of Flight Level Training - LC103 - 1 day (8 hours)

This Time of Flight course (8 hrs) for level starts by providing maintenance/engineering personnel with a fundamental understanding of ToF® technologies. This portion will focus on concepts applicable to virtually any manufacturer’s equipment. We will then proceed with in-depth training on Time of Flight (ToF) technologies which include a variety of radar types/ultrasonic level transmitters. The class will be a combination of classroom/hands-on training on both the Process Training Unit (PTU).



  • Radar transmitters

  • Envelope curve evaluation

  • Guided radar transmitters

  • Ultrasonic transmitters

  • ToF Tooling

  • ToF applications


  • Recognize a broad variety of ToF technologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each

  • Work with instrumentation specialists to specify the best type of level technology for a variety of applications

  • Set up and commissioning of ToF level instruments

  • Use on-board and PC-based tools within instruments to verify the health of the instrument and its signals

  • Diagnose and correct problems with guided radar, ultrasonic and radar level systems

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  • Operations and maintenance personnel responsible for the installation, commissioning or maintenance of Time of Flight level transmitters


Basic computer and instrumentation knowledge