Minimizing risk with meter exchange

Ensuring safety by modernizing ageing technology

No one can deny the importance of safety in power plants. These often hazardous environments house plenty of potential dangers – putting people and business at risk. But even though plant operators uphold safety as a value, incidents continue to happen. In the case of damage or loss of production, costs arise. Any preventive measure is more cost-effective than forced outage. Therefore, the replacement of mechanical meters with more reliable metering systems is crucial to ensure maximum safety.

Our Offering

In order to safely improve the plant’s process – be it a thermal steam-electric, hydroelectric, Internal Combustion Engine or cogeneration plant – we provide our technology to find the best replacement for your existing mechanical meters. Technology that would require less maintenance and less risk of failures. With our comprehensive service and industry expertise, we support investors, owners, operators, contractors and manufacturers throughout the entire plant’s life cycle worldwide.

  • A safety measurement portfolio complying with international standards: e.g. ATEX, FM, TIIS

  • State-of-the-art technology according to IEC 61508 SIL 2, allowing for homogeneous-redundant application up to SIL 3 in safety-instrumented systems

  • Integrated verification; process safety at all times ensured by Heartbeat Technology

  • Uniform operating concepts delivering simplicity and therefore increased safety with regard to managing operations

  • Safety and standards seminars and trainings to help educate your staff

Reliable gauging and mechanical metering - in safe hands

Turbine condenser hot well level measurement

Level measurement in condenser hot well

The use of displacers and differential pressure (DP) transmitters at the condenser hot well is a challenge. One is affected by vibration due to the small mechanical movement of the torque tube. The other faces limitations in a vacuum service vessel. A viable alternative to replace torque tubes, remote seals or DP transmitters, wet leg DP level systems is the guided wave radar. It is maintenance-free even under extreme process conditions and shows no effect of vacuum.

  • Greater accuracy, better signal stability and significant savings on maintenance costs.

  • Highest degree of safety because personnel are not required to engage risky operations.

Flow measurement at start-up and auxiliary burners

Flow measurement at start-up and auxiliary burners

Positive displacement meters are subject to wear and require maintenance. Luckily, in recent years, flowmeter technology has advanced. An important milestone on the way to safer system operation is the Coriolis mass flow measuring device – incorporating a reliable two-wire technology. Coriolis simultaneously measures volume, mass, temperature and density of gases, liquids as well as viscosity. New perspectives for plant safety!

  • In-line viscosity reading for liquid fuels; discrete liquid fuel viscosity control for combustion optimization

  • Improved repeatability and reduced OPEX due to no moving parts and direct mass measurement

Boiler feedwater tank

Temperature monitoring in Boiler Feed Water Pump (BFP)

At temperatures of approximately 170°C/ 338°F and a pressure of approximately 220 bar/ 3191 psi, the temperature measurement on the feed water pump is not a particularly demanding measurement. However, the temperature sensor is subjected to strong vibrations resulting in a short operating life. Using as an example an Omnigrad thermometer with a barstock thermowell in conjunction with a vibration-resistant iTHERM StrongSens insert leads to a durable solution.

  • Reliable process control and minimized downtimes

  • Vibration resistance of the measuring element > 60g

  • Cost savings, process optimization through fast, robust and highly accurate measurements

Density and flow measurement in flue gas desulfurization (FGD)

Slurry density measurement in flue gas desulfurization (FGD)

Lime slurry density measurement at the injection site is important for the efficiency of the flue gas cleaning process. Once a certain concentration is achieved, the suspension will be grounded off. The existing density measurement provided by the radiometric Gammapilot can now be replaced with a new technology Promass Coriolis, which simultaneously measures density, temperature and mass flow, without radiation source to have a nuclear free instrument.

  • Eliminate nuclear source on plant site

  • Reduced maintenance, paperwork and safety concerns

Steam power plants water chemistry

Steam power plants water chemistry technology change

Due to moisture, existing analog devices corroded quickly. But these issues now belong to the past. Memosens non-contact digital sensors revolutionize the liquid analysis. Easy to use, they resist corrosion and humidity, can be operated underwater and facilitate predictive maintenance. Designed for a long operating life, they offer you best value for money. Used together with modular SWAS panels, Memosens sensors enable a reliable and safe monitoring of water and steam circuits.

  • Improved production efficiency, output and safety

  • Memosens: simple and waterproof, cost-efficient - process safety is increased and system downtime reduced to a minimum

  • Digital sensors as successors to analog sensors

Pressure measurement with ceramic cell sensor technology in FGD plant

Pressure measurement in abrasive, aggressive environments

Traditional oil-filled metal diaphragm sensors are delicate and have limitations at harsh process conditions or low pressure applications. Nevertheless, the use of ceramic sensors with Ceraphire technology can increase accuracy, reliability and long-term stability. Ceramic is one of the hardest materials in the world, at the same time being very elastic. Resistant to abrasion, corrosion and alternating loads, ceramic cells are the best fit for abrasive process conditions and vacuum applications.

  • Resistant to aggressive process environments such as in the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) plant

  • Complete metal free wetted parts of pressure sensors, no corrosion

Browse through our portfolio!

Browse through our portfolio!


The safety of your personnel comes first in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of your power plant. Serious injuries can be caused by equipment failure that often stems from years of improper operation and maintenance. This is why we provide complete range of solutions, technologies and services that meet your application requirements. We manufacture to the highest quality standards to guarantee consistent performance and compatibility.

  • x10

    corresponds to the number of times digital devices are more reliable than mechanical meters

  • No

    moving parts and independent of density changes

  • 17+

    years of functional safety standards IEC 61508 (quality, safety and reliability) applied