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Endress+Hauser invests in education

Endress+Hauser invests in education

Skilled employees are in demand - and Endress+Hauser is leaving its mark early on

Colleges and universities across Canada require the proper resources to flourish; and Endress+Hauser's investments are helping to make it possible.

Cooperation with colleges and universities

There is a strong need from training institutions in Canada to have the latest in measurements technology. All too often, the available equipment is outdated, and many schools do not have the funds required to purchase new equipment, which can lead to improper training of the students.

Investing in students

Many of the students will go on to embrace careers in instrumentation and, in particular, in process automation. Students who have been trained on Endress+Hauser equipment may be more open to using the instruments once they are out in the workforce, and some may even join our company upon graduations. Canada faces a shortfall of workers with technical skills, and Endress+Hauser requires access to personnel who can join the workforce with ready-to-use knowledge.

Specialized support

While some may look at it as a challenge, Endress+Hauser views it as an opportunity. Over the past decade, we have worked to improve the training being offered to students, while creating an awareness of our products. The types of support offered by Endress+Hauser Canada depend on the need of the school. Instruments, working demonstrators, and even complete labs have been donated.

Proven success

Investing in education has been a real success. The colleges and the students have been very appreciative of the donations and involvement from Endress+Hauser Canada associates, and many companies see our donation as a commitment to their industry.