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Microwave barrier emitter Soliwave FQR56 and receiver Soliwave FDR56

Soliwave Microwave Barrier: Emitter FQR56 and Receiver FDR56

Receiver and emitter for non-contact point level detection in bulk solids

Soliwave Emitter FQR56 and Receiver FDR56 interact with each other. They offer non contact point level detection. Soliwave can be installed in containers, conduits, shafts or on free fall shafts. It is possible to take a measurement through non-metallic container materials from the outside. Suitable as point level switch for controlling and counting all types of bulk solids.


  • Highly reliable measurement due to flush-mounted installation and possible non-contact installation as well as indication of the signal strength on the receiver

  • Mechanical robust solution ensures cost savings over the whole life cycle of the product: No wear and tear, process-wetted ceramic sensor diaphragm (optional), long serviceable life, maintenance free

  • Electronics housing can be rotated by 360°, allowing adjustment into optimum position after installation

  • Direct connection of the supply voltage (emitter and receiver separately or together)

  • Mechanically compatible to FQR50/FDR50 microwave barrier, existing process connections can continue to be used; likewise, accessories such as adapter flanges, installation brackets and sight glasses can continue to be used

Soliwave FQR56/FDR56

The Soliwave microwave barrier consists of an FQR56 emitter and an FDR56 receiver with integrated power unit.

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