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iTHERM ProfileSens TS901 Multipoint cable probe

Delivering precise and reliable temperature profile information under challenging process conditions

The cable probe accurately measures temperature profiles under extreme conditions such as hydrocracking and hydrotreating reactors and is capable of withstanding high temperatures, high pressure and corrosion. Its mechanical properties and the complete electrical independence of the multiple internal sensors make it the most robust multipoint probe available today. Multiple thermocouple sensors are embedded in an outer sheath acting as a thermowell surrounded by insulation mineral powder.

iTHERM ProfileSens TS901 thermocouple multipoint cable probe for temperature mapping ©Endress+Hauser


  • Higher yield, lower cost

    - Minimally invasive design for denser catalyst charge, less channeling

    - Fewer process connections (nozzles) required

    - Multiple individual thermocouple sensors, single or duplex, per probe

    - Faster and easier installation

  • Long operating life

    - Individual sensors embedded in MgO powder and fully sealed thermowell

    - Outer sheath available in two levels of thickness: standard or heavy

    - IP65 protection

    - Available materials: Stainless steel, nickel-based alloys

The device accurately detects temperature profiles in reactor vessels in the range of -40 to 920 °C (-40 to 1 688 °F). With no empty spaces it provides reliable readings under high pressure conditions up to 400 bar (5 800 psi). It is designed to be minimally invasive so as to reduce process perturbation, blind spots and to maximize catalyst performance.

As part of an iTHERM MultiSens Flex multipoint temperature assembly the cable probe is available with type K, J and N thermocouples.