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Ecograph T RSG35
Universal Graphic Data Manager

Ecograph T RSG35 
Universal Graphic Data Manager ©Endress+Hauser

Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time

Safe and complete recording and visualization of all process sequences. Demands on process monitoring and data recording are becoming more and more complex. Because every measurement value counts, the Universal Data Manager Ecograph T RSG35 records, visualizes and monitors all analog or digital input signals. The unit is easy to use and comes with features to save costs and simplify data acquisition. Due to its variety of communication possibilities a simple system integration is possible.

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  • Benefits

    • Versatile: up to 12 universal inputs record a wide range of measuring signals

    • Clear layout: 5.7" TFT screen for displaying measured values in a maximum of four groups, with digital, bar graph and curve display

    • Safe: reliable data archiving with internal...

  • Field of application

    The Ecograph T is the right solution for a wide range of applications such as:

    • Quality and quantity monitoring in the water and wastewater industry

    • Temperature monitoring in metal working

    • Monitoring of processes in power stations

    • Displaying and...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Electronic Data Acquisition

  • Functions

    "Secure data recording and signal analysis


    Integrated web server for device set-up

    E-Mail notification

    100 ms scan rate

    Modular design for simple expansion

    Data readout and processing via Field Data Manager Software

    OPC server for indication of instantaneous values (optional)

  • Maximal input

    "12 Analog (U, I, TC, RTD, frequency, pulse)

    6 Digital"

  • Maximal output

    6 Relays

    1 Transmitter power supply´

  • Interface

    RS232/485 (optional)



    Modbus RTU Slave (optional)

    Modbus TCP Slave (optional)

  • Storage/Recording

    Internal memory

    SD card

    USB flash drive

  • Display

    TFT 5.7" colour graphic display

  • Housing


    desktop housing

    field housing

  • Power supply

    100…230 V AC +/-10%

    24V (-10%, +15%) AC/DC

  • Certification


    CSA GP

  • Software package


  • Measuring principle

    Data manager

  • Measuring principle

    Universal Graphic Data Manager

  • Function

    Secure data recording made easy - Monitor, visualize, record and communicate process values - every measurement value counts!

  • Input

    12 analog (max) (U, I, TC, RTD, frequency, pulse)

    6 digital (max)

  • Output

    6 relays (max)

    1 transmitter power supply

  • Interface

    RS232/485 (optional)



    Modbus RTU/TCP Slave (optional)

  • Storage/Recording

    internal memory

    SD card

    USB flash drive

  • Display

    TFT 5.7" colour graphic display

  • Housing

    panel mounting

    desktop housing

    field housing

  • Certificates

    UL recognized


  • Software package


Documents / Manuals / Software

Accessories / Spare parts

Order code
  • 12
  • 13
    • Nr 13 Order code 51009211

      Terminal strip 6 pole FMC1,5/6-ST-3,5

      for analog input

    • Nr 13 Order code 71037363

      Terminal strip 9 pole FMC1,5/9-ST-3,5

      for digital input on power supply board

    • Nr 13 Order code 71037408

      Terminal strip 3 pole FKC2,5/3-ST-5,08

      for relay 1 + 2 (two way)

    • Nr 13 Order code 71037410

      Terminal strip 4 pole FKC2,5/4-ST-5,08

      for relay 2+3 and relay on digital I/O board

    • Nr 13 Order code 71037411

      Terminal strip 6 pole FKC2,5/6-ST-5,08

      for relay 4+5+6 on power supply board

    • Nr 13 Order code 71123475

      Terminal plug 3pole "N L PE" pitch 5.08

      for power supply RSG30: from unit No. DB001004267 orange coloured connector

  • 11
  • 1
  • 17
  • 16
  • 14
  • 18
  • 4
  • 6
  • 15
  • 19
    • Order code XPR0009-

      Software RSG35 (release code) XPR0009

    • Order code MS20-

      Field Data Manager Software MS20

      Visualization software and database for visualization of historical data like measured values, calibration or configuration. Manipulation protected SQL database, graphical visualization, tables for measured values, alarms or events, online help, user administration, Automatic read out of device data. Automatic data export in various formats or in secured format for backup or reduction of database. Note: The version FDM essential only supports RSG30, RSG35, RSG40 as well as RSG45 and has a restricted functionality.

    • Order code RXU10-

      Accessories Datamanager RXU10

    • Order code DIENST-
    • Order code 71187780

      Memorycard SD 1GB neutral