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Product picture temperature switch thermophant TTR31

Thermophant T TTR31
Temperature switch

Compact and cost-saving for safe monitoring of process temperatures

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    Thermophant T TTR31, TTR35

    English version - 10/2020

    New version available in English

    Temperature switch for safe measurement, monitoring and control of process temperatures

    • Ordinary Location Product Safety

    Product family: Contactors/transmitters, DIN rail transmitter, ECO-GRAPH, FIELD TRANSMITTER, Head transmitters, Memo-Graph, PROCESS DISPLAYS, RTD-THERMOMETER

    English version - 04/2019

    New version available in English

    Product root: RIA14-, RIA16-, RIA45-, RIA46-, RMA42-, RSG35-, RSG40-, RSG45-, TMR31-, TMR35-, TMT111-, TMT112-, TMT121-, TMT122-, TMT127-, TMT128-, TMT142-, TMT162-, TMT180-, TMT181-, TMT182-, TMT187-, TMT188-, TMT82-, TMT84-, TMT85-, TTR31-, TTR35- Region: Canada, USA Approval agency: UL

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