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Effluent Monitoring Solutions

Ensure your wastewater effluent loads being discharged are continually within your discharge limits

Endress+Hauser Effluent Monitoring Solutions keeps customers compliant & eliminates the risk of fines with their wastewater effluent loads being discharged

The Solution

Endress+Hauser has developed a redundant pH system capable of self-monitoring to ensure continual operation. The system can operate with pH alone or with the addition of product loss detection and total suspended solids sensors.

pH Redundancy

Three pH measurements are analyzed in tandem within Endress+Hauser’s CM44P Liquline transmitter. The two closest pH values are averaged by the CM44P and are taken as the most accurate measurement. In order to provide functional feedback and ensure an accurate and consistent measurement, if any pH measurement drifts outside of a predefined bandwidth, the system alarms via SMS and email to key stakeholders within the plant and Endress+Hauser’s service team.

Request More Information

To request a site visit or obtain more information about implementing our Effluent Monitoring Solutions, please e-mail our Water & Wastewater Industry Manager here.


  • Complete solutions we manage to guarantee compliance

  • Redundant pH measurement ensures reliable and accurate results

  • Cost reductions with automated cleaning, and reactive support

  • Readily available data to correlate high product loads in effluent to the source process