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Raman spectroscopy - advanced optical analysis technology

High performance instruments that take your composition & quality measurements from lab-to-process

Our advanced optical analysis technology harnesses the power of Raman spectroscopy to perform continuous, real-time chemical measurements in any environment without needing to extract, prepare, or destroy the native sample. With over 40 years of experience, the depth and breadth of our portfolio allow our customers chemical insights that streamline product development, provide analytical scalability, and ensure product quality through process automation.

Raman spectroscopy measurement is an optical analysis technology that measures composition and concentration

Raman Rxn2 analyzer ©Endress+Hauser

Raman Rxn2 analyzer: Raman analyzer that bridges laboratory analysis to the process environment with up to four channels

Raman Rxn4 analyzer ©Endress+Hauser

Raman Rxn4 analyzer: Rugged, reliable Raman analyzer ensuring 24/7 process monitoring and quality control

Raman Probe Suite Graphic ©Endress+Hauser

Raman fiber optic sampling probes: Non-destructive, continuous, real-time chemical composition measurements in any environment


  • Rapid implementation

    User-friendly automation compatible software, a reliable partner with a long history of Raman expertise, and a vast global customer support network

  • Optimized process efficiency

    Faster delivery of real-time, highly accurate measurement data along with streamlined lab-to-process scalability

  • Increased safety

    Reliable, non-invasive measurement techniques that minimize human intervention while maximizing risk avoidance capabilities

  • Enhanced product quality

    Easier compliance with industry regulations through increased process visibility and tighter control of critical quality parameters

  • Lower costs
    Reduced maintenance, product waste, and cleaning burdens while increasing yields and plant availability

Raman spectroscopic analyzers
All of our analyzer systems are powered by Kaiser Raman technology. They share a common design for easy transfer of knowledge and protocols from the R&D lab to manufacturing.

Raman spectroscopic probes
We offer robust, reliable, and high-performing probes for all phases of matter – solids, liquids, and gases.