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Ensure food quality with the best calibration method

Turn the complexity of calibration into opportunities 

Ensure food quality with the best calibration method

Regularly calibrated measuring technology ensures food safety and quality. But what method is best suited for your production process: On-site or lab calibration?
Learn more about what makes each method unique and what we can offer to make sure that your product quality has never been better.


  • Expert Endress+Hauser representatives to help you decide which calibration method is best for you based on your specific process

  • Confidence in your adherence to food safety, compliance to industry standards and production procedures

  • A trusted partner to help provide secure, accurate and consistent results throughout your instruments’ lifecycle

On-site vs Lab Calibration

Consumers can be relentless quality controllers. The slightest change to colour or consistency of their favourite ketchup is something they won't forgive easily; that's why your measuring technology for inline quality control needs to perform perfectly.

Two calibration methods ensure the high performance of your measuring devices: While on-site calibration reduces process interruptions, a lab calibration is the number-one choice where a high degree of measuring precision is required.

Making the right choice

Top priorities in the Food and Beverage industry are food safety, consistently high quality, compliance to industry standards and efficient production procedures. Each method, on-site and lab calibration, has its benefits.

Our experts can help you make the right choice to achieve your goals. Learn more about our different calibration services by clicking on the link below.