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J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer for measurement of moisture in natural gas

Accurate and reliable measurement of H2O in natural gas

Proven expertise and technology

The J22 Gas Analyzer powered by SpectraSensors Technology provides an exceptionally reliable measurement, tailored for natural gas pipeline operators and suppliers who want to meet quality and productivity specifications, ensure human safety and asset integrity. TDLAS analyzer technology has been used for decades in natural gas pipelines and requires very little maintenance. There are no interferences or detrimental effects from compressor oil, glycol, methanol, amine, H2S, or moisture slugs.


  • Safety in the pipeline - Prevents pipeline corrosion and minimize risk of explosion, ensuring human safety and asset integrity

  • Optimized productivity - High availability factor supported by Heartbeat Technology with advanced diagnostics and verification reporting

  • High plant availability - Continuous, real-time measurements with proven metrology to avoid shut-in, flaring, and interrupted gas delivery incidents

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The benefits of our technology

The highly developed algorithms of the TDLAS measurement plus the sophisticated diagnostics, monitoring, and verification concept of Endress+Hauser Heartbeat Technology™ offers a comprehensive process monitoring that cannot be found anywhere else. Fewer failures, lower operating costs and improved reliability provide the user with a sustainable competitive advantage, ensuring continuous and reliable measurements.

J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer ©Endress+Hauser

The J22 offers configuration flexibility with a variety of features to suit any application.